The benefits of getting health insurance

The UK is one of the few places in the world with a publicly funded health service – the NHS - so why are so many people across the country making the decision to take out private health insurance? Here we run through some of the biggest reasons.

Avoid waiting lists

One of the main reasons that people in the UK get health insurance is to avoid NHS waiting times. These can be notoriously long and in recent years have been much criticised by the media, leading many to opt for private healthcare, which allows you to fast track through to quick diagnosis and treatment.

Get access to the best treatment

Whether you're treated in an NHS hospital or a private hospital, having private health insurance means that you have access to the best treatments on offer. Typical health insurance plans tend to cover surgery, consultations, nursing and hospital care, but exclude treatment for ongoing conditions – this will depend on the policy you take out.

Take care of your family

Another reason that people get health insurance is to protect their family. Many insurance providers offer family health insurance, meaning you can take care of the health of your partner, your children and yourself as part of one insurance package.

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