Childhood obesity – how to keep healthy

It is perhaps common knowledge that obesity in the UK is a significant problem, especially with children. Instead of looking at why it’s so significant, we're taking a look at the advice available regarding the steps that can be taken to ensure children stay healthy and happy. Before beginning any kind of weight loss diet for you and your children, the NHS advises to speak with your GP first. Your GP will be able to give advice on the most suitable options and ensure your child’s growth is not affected by any alterations to their diet.

After consulting your GP, experts recommend the changes you make to benefit your child’s health are applied to the whole family. By taking up new activities and watching your diet as a team, the goal will seem much more attainable and your child is much more likely to succeed.

Expert guidance recommends trying not to completely rule out some of your child’s activities that may be seen as inactive, but instead using them as a reward is a great way to maintain motivation. For example, you might allow an hour’s worth of television as a reward for eating five pieces of fruit and veg a day as snacks instead of chocolate or crisps. Setting a regular routine is a great way to get in to the habit of maintaining these changes. Having a set process for rewarding your child is also a great way to achieve results, although be sure to reward with activities rather than food!

Keeping a record of your day-to-day activities and meals is a great way to keep a track of your progress. Working with your GP, you could even create mini-milestones to achieve in a calendar-style layout.

According to NHS guidance, active play is a great way to encourage your child to exercise. For example, dancing is a brilliant start to introducing more activities into your daily regime. Beginning with making small changes, such as walking to school on a regular basis or perhaps beginning swimming lessons is a great way to change your routine.

Changing your food and lifestyle habits is something that takes time to get used to. The positive effects won’t happen overnight, but with a little patience the results will change yours and your children’s lives for the better!

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