How to home-alone proof your house

As much as we hate to admit it, being home alone can be a scary experience, even as an adult! From protecting yourself and your home from burglars to staying safe in an emergency, take the fear out of being home alone by following these simple tips.

Lock the doors

You might think that because you're in your house you can leave your doors unlocked, but burglaries can still happen when someone's in. Also, some insurers won't pay out on burglary claims unless entry to the home is forced, so it's especially important that you lock your doors even if you're staying in.

Advertise your presence, not your possessions

Thieves operate when they think they won't be seen or heard, so show that you're at home by lighting up the porch and indoor lights. Make sure your alarm system is clearly advertised as professional burglars are less likely to target homes if they see that they are fitted with working alarms.

While making your presence clear is important, it is equally important that you make sure your possessions stay hidden. Don't leave valuables on show or near windows, and close the curtains if possible. This is especially important at Christmas-time, as criminals know that houses are likely to be filled with expensive gifts.

Have an emergency plan

Have a plan in mind for cases of emergency such as a fire. You'll need to know the quickest and safest way to get out of your home and it's best to think about this in advance rather than leaving it to times of panic. You could also put together a kit of useful items such as a first aid kit and a fire blanket.

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