Spring home repair tips

Touch wood and fingers crossed, it seems that the winter weather is behind us, and we're finally on our way to spring! While we're waiting for the sunshine to kick in, it's a great time to help our homes recover from the bad weather. Here we help you get your home back on top form with a few of our favourite spring home maintenance tips.

Deal with water

Many homes around the country experienced extreme flooding earlier this year, but even if your home was only mildly affected by the rain, it's important that you spend some time checking your drainage. Check your gutters for foliage build up, which might have blocked your drainage system. Trapped water can leave your house susceptible to mildew and moss which can cause severe damage to a building if left unchecked.

Maintain your roof

The roof of a house is something we often take for granted, but it's the most important protection you have against the elements. After the next rainy day, inspect your ceiling for any wet spots, which could be an indication that your roof is leaking. You should also consider hiring a licensed professional to check your roof for wear and tear, as this could save you bigger repair costs later down the line.

Watch Windows and Doors

The windows and doors are the weak points of a house, so be sure to check yours for leaks and drafts – especially near the corners. Peeling and chipped paint can be signs of water coming in from the outside, which can cause mould growth and the deterioration of your walls. Buy some sealant to close up any cracks around your window and doorframes.

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