In the News: the NHS

Several reports in the news have recently explained the difficulty patients are having when securing an appointment to see their GP. The reports have indicated that as a result, more and more people are using the services of their local hospital instead, as the waiting time to see their GP is just too long.

The news follows reports that the NHS requires more funding in order to keep operating efficiently as the demand increases. The report explains that the number of people beginning to rely on Accident and Emergency instead of their GP is as high as one in every four patients equating to just over a quarter of the total amount of patients visiting Accident and Emergency each year.

Other reports indicate that without an increase in funding, the NHS will be put under even more strain. The report explains that in order to keep up with advances in technology, and to continue to treat the UK’s ageing population, more money is essential.

One report stated that despite the need to increase funding to the NHS, patient access to GP services was beginning to improve, with appointments becoming more accessible over the phone, via email or in video conversations.

Despite the recent news reports, the NHS has been voted as one of the best health services out of a selection of the world’s wealthiest countries. The health service in the UK was marked the best for the quality of care provided along with the efficiency of the service provided.

The news report explains that the UK’s NHS is also one of the best for treating patients with chronic illness. Another factor that the NHS excelled in was patient communication, meaning that patients in the UK feel doctors communicate with them clearly and in a timely manner, so despite the recent news, the reports aren’t all bad for the NHS.

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