In the news: Sports scheme to aid mental health

It has been announced recently that a new scheme to help people who suffer from mental health issues to get into sport will be put into place next year, to assist their ongoing wellbeing.

The scheme, details of which were revealed by the mental health charity Mind and Sport England, aims to play a positive part in the lives of around 75,000 people living with a mental health problem. As explained by Mind and Sport England’s announcement of the plans, exercising outdoors can help to alleviate depression and anxiety, as well as boosting general health and confidence levels, too.

According to the charity, one in four people will experience a mental health issue at some point in a year, while one in six are currently living with one. The new project will not only feature sports and exercise as a focal point in the plan, but it will also include taster sessions, events and peer support groups for those taking part to get involved in.

Just over £2 million has been put towards this scheme, sourced from both National Lottery funding through Sport England and money raised by Mind. As they explained, this sort of scheme has been successfully carried out before but on a much smaller scale. Within the first 15 months of it being set up, those involved hope that 25,000 people will benefit.

Mental health services provided by the NHS have drawn attention in the news as of late, as BBC News explains how further funding is needed to make access to the appropriate treatments more readily available. Schemes such as the sports programme provide the opportunity for people to take part in stress-relieving, self-esteem-lifting activities as part of their ongoing recovery.

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