Money matters after Christmas

The turkey's been eaten, the presents are all unwrapped – there's a certain sense of emptiness after Christmas, especially if you've overspent during the festive period. Make 2014 the year that you get your finances sorted by following these easy tips.

Track your spending

Look back at a bank statement from October or November last year (December is always more expensive so won't represent your general spending habits) and see if you can identify any areas you can cut back on. You might notice several non-essentials that you could save money on, so try to reduce them in January. At the end of the month, check your bank statement and compare to the one from last year. You'll be surprised by how much you can save on little things.

Change your habits

This ties in with the first point, as when you're tracking your spending you might notice that some of your habits are costing you a great deal of money, such as buying lunch out every day, smoking and shopping for luxuries. Make a New Year's resolution to change your habits bit by bit; for example, you could resolve to bring a packed lunch a couple of days a week, or cut down on cigarettes.

Protect your assets

Taking out insurance for yourself, your family and your home is a great way of making sure that if the worst should happen, you’re protected from unexpected financial demands. Read more about the different types of cover you can get with InsureMe-on-Line.

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