Small changes to boost your health

Many of us resolve to improve our health, but sticking to a diet and exercise plan that's radically different from what we're used to can often feel like too much of a challenge to handle. That's why it's usually best to start with small lifestyle changes and then slowly build up to a healthier way of life. Here are just a few of the small changes you can make for big improvements to your health.

Take the stairs

Going for a run or to the gym might not be something you can fit into your daily schedule, but doing something small like taking the stairs instead of the escalators or getting off the bus one stop early are far more manageable lifestyle changes, and they can have huge long-term health benefits. Experts recommend that adults get 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week, so any small lifestyle changes you can make that will add up to that are sure to help.

Be sociable

The Harvard longevity study is on-going, but one of the main findings it has revealed since it started in the 1930s is that people who have good relationships live longer and are happier. Resolve to meet up with or speak to a family member or friend at least once a week to boost your health and strengthen your relationships.

Stand up

A recent study revealed that people who sit down for less than three hours a day live, on average, two years longer. If you work in an office it might not be possible for you to sit for less than three hours a day, but try to take any opportunities to stand or walk whenever you can. Try standing during phone calls or simply take regular breaks for short walks.

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