Sun Awareness and Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is quickly becoming one of the most common cancers in the UK. With the number of cases rising, sun safety is ever more important. Now, more than ever, it is vital to be aware of the risks and signs of skin cancer and how to protect yourself in the sun.

Being sun safe

As sun damage can occur at any time - whether you’re at home or abroad - wearing sun cream with a high factor will help to protect you from the sun’s damage. Spending time in the shade during the hottest part of the day and covering up with hats and T-shirts will also help keep the sun’s rays at bay. The most important thing to remember is that you cannot feel when the sun is damaging your skin. This means that although the sun may not feel hot, it can still be causing damage. So even though it may look cloudy outside, it’s still important to be protected.

Sun safety is particularly important for children and young people, as getting sun burn in your early years can markedly increase the risk of developing skin cancer later in life. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of wearing sun cream every day, perhaps applying it as part of your daily routine.

Skin cancer

The primary signs of skin cancer to look out for include the appearance of new moles, or existing moles that have visually changed. Telling the difference between what is a normal mole and what may be a melanoma is often hard to do. For more information on spotting the signs, take a look at this guide.


Nowadays, getting a tan seems to be all the rage. Sunbeds are definitely not an alternative way to do this. NHS research has shown that sunbeds are incredibly unsafe, as you’re still exposing yourself to harmful UV rays.

As with all cancers, if you’re concerned you can speak to your GP. Research has shown that using sun cream alone may not be enough to protect you from the sun, so it’s important to be clued up on the facts.

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