Healthy for summer

Yes, we know it's only the beginning of spring, but if you're anything like us, you're already thinking about banishing your woolly jumpers to the back of the wardrobe and showcasing your favourite summer looks. Summer provides a great opportunity to get fit and healthy and show the best side of ourselves, but how to break the bad habits of the colder months? Here we give you our top tips on looking and feeling great in the sun.

Side salad

Winter is often associated with big, comforting meals and you may find it hard to wean yourself off onto smaller portions and healthier foods. Keep yourself fuller for longer by serving a side salad with both lunch and dinner – it doesn't just have to be lettuce, you could use nutritious vegetables like kale, avocado and kidney beans as a side to your main meal. By doing this you'll keep yourself full which will help you to reduce portion sizes of less healthy foods and stop snacking throughout the day.

Wear sun screen

According to the experts, you should wear sun cream all year round, so if you're not already applying it daily, start now. Even mild exposure to sunshine can damage the skin, so don't assume you won't need to bother if it's a cloudy day. If you struggle to get into the habit of applying sun cream every day, why not invest in a moisturiser or makeup with SPF so it naturally becomes part of your routine? Keep an eye out for lotions enriched with antioxidants as these will give your skin an extra health boost.

Spend time outdoors

When the sun's shining, there really is no excuse not to get outside and get some exercise. Aside from making it easier to venture out on that morning jog or bracing Sunday walk, spending more time outdoors is known for being great for your mental health, reducing stress, improving concentration and lifting your mood. You can read more about the benefits of spending time outdoors here.

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