How to ensure your home survives a house party

There are many benefits to throwing a house party: it's cheaper than renting somewhere out, and it can make for a much more relaxed and fun atmosphere than a formal event, to name just a couple. But unsurprisingly many people worry about their home being damaged during a house party, or causing embarrassment by laying out draconian rules for their guests. However, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure your home and possessions stay intact, without putting a dampener on the evening. Here are just a few of our favourite tips.

Use plastic cups

No, they're not environmentally friendly, but if you want to avoid broken glasses opt for plastic cups and disposable plates if you plan on serving food. This also makes the clean-up process much easier after the party, as you'll just be able to throw them away.

Put valuable and fragile items away

Well before your party kicks off, do a thorough scan of the house for anything that might easily get knocked over, or is particularly valuable or fragile. Put them all away somewhere safe and then replace them after the party.

Put up signs

If there's a room that you don't want people to go in, put up a no entry sign on the door. This can also be the place where you keep all your valuable or breakable items. You could also make a sign for the bathroom door to save people stumbling into the wrong rooms.

Protecting your floor

If you have a carpet in your home and want guests to remove their shoes before coming in, lay out a large sheet of plastic or a mat near the door that people can put their shoes on. Put a few pairs of your own shoes on the mat before guests arrive so people will know to leave their shoes there. If someone doesn't take the hint then just politely ask them; if they're your friend, they surely won't mind! You could also cover your carpet with rolls of old carpet or material, or even lay down a roll of carpet protector – a plastic film that protects carpets and can be easily peeled off the next day.

Dealing with spills

If something does get spilled, try not to panic or cause a big fuss as it will make your guests feel uncomfortable. Quickly clean the stain up if possible and get back to enjoying the party – you can pay more attention to getting it completely sorted the next day. Many building and contents insurance policies also cover accidental damage, meaning that you could be covered for getting carpets professionally cleaned or replaced. You can read more about your home insurance options here on InsureMe-on-Line.

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