Setting up your office at home

Whether through a flexible working policy or self-employment, working from home is something that many people aspire to be able to do. If you've recently starting working from home, you're probably adjusting to the concept of your professional and personal life being so close together – not least because your office space is in your home. Here we give you some top tips on how to set up the perfect work-from-home office space.

Separate your personal and professional life

In an ideal world, you'd have a designated office room, but if you don't have a spare room waiting for this very purpose, there are plenty of other ways to set up a good office space. Find a corner in the quietest part of the house, as far away from any potential distractions as possible. If you can clear out anything not work-related then do, as they might tempt you to procrastinate. also recommends investing in good office equipment, such as a dedicated work phone and quality lighting.

Keep track of time

When you're working in an office, starting and finishing work and taking your lunch break are all easy to keep track of – you just do what everyone else is doing. But if you're working from home there's less of a division between work and leisure hours, meaning they can easily become mixed together. Keep track of your time by putting a clock up in your home office space, and if you feel it's helpful, keep track of your activities in a timesheet.

Insure your assets

Once you've set up your office you should consider getting contents insurance to protect any expensive equipment in your office, such as computers and phones. If you already have contents insurance, you will need to let your insurer know about any new, valuable items that need to be covered. You can read more about the building and contents insurance options available to you here on InsureMe-on-Line.

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