The big spring clear out

Spring has most certainly sprung, which means aside from dreaming about warm weather and holidays we have an important task to get out of the way: spring cleaning! Some love the therapeutic feeling of a big clear out while others dread delving into nooks and crannies and getting rid of all the things they've put out of sight and out of mind in the past year. But a spring clear out can be a great way to make the most of and perhaps even boost the value of your property. Here we give you our top tips.

Say goodbye to your hoard

Lots of us have a tendency to hang on to old possessions that we never use, but it can save a lot of space and make your house look much tidier if you get rid of them. Go through your whole house and be brutal about what you use and what you don't use. If there's anything valuable that you don't want, you can sell it or give it to charity.

Make repairs

Winter can do a lot of damage to our homes, so use the respite from bad weather as an opportunity to repair all the little niggles in your house to get it back in perfect shape. You may need to check your roof for leaks, fill in cracks near windows and doors and clean out your gutters. If you have any bigger jobs to do, hire a professional.

Insure new belongings

When clearing out all the old things you don't use anymore, it's likely that you'll stumble across lots of newer items that might have been bought as presents throughout the year. Make a list of everything you own and match it up to your contents insurance policy to make sure that the new, high-value items are added to it – this will mean that you're covered for the loss or damage of these items. You can read more about contents insurance here on InsureMe-on-Line.

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