Top tips on teaching kids about home safety

Parents are often prone to worrying about the dangers their children face in school and in the outside world, but what many don't realise is that some of the biggest threats to a child's safety are inside their own home. A huge number of accidents occur with children in the home every year, which are usually caused by a lack of health and safety measures. But it's not just about putting security measures in place; it's about educating your child so they know how to avoid danger in the first place. Here are our top tips on teaching your child about home safety.

Locking doors and windows

It's an obvious one but a big one – locking doors and windows is essential for the protection of your home from burglars. You should try to teach your children about the importance of locking doors and window from an early age, not only so that your own home stays as safe as possible but so when they grow into adulthood they'll naturally fall into the habit of securing their home.

Avoiding slips, trips and falls

According to the NHS, falls are the most common type of accident in the home, accounting for 44 per cent of all childhood injuries. Limit the danger of falls for your child by keeping the house clear of any objects that they could easily trip over. You can get them involved too, by ensuring that they always clear away toys and games, especially from areas near stairs, after they've finished playing with them.

Explaining why

Often parents will tell their children not to do something without explaining why, which for many children can make whatever it is an even bigger temptation to their curiosity! When speaking to your child about an aspect of home safety explain the reasoning behind what you're telling them. For example, "don't touch the fire" is nowhere near as effective as "don't touch the fire because it will burn your hand, which will be very painful".

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